snappy tots: Challenge accepted!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Challenge accepted!

Before Christmas, I posted daily about different patterns and ideas I was finding online and mr Chesh did some reviews and giveaways. Since then I have gotten several emails from people who enjoyed reading my quirky posts (thanks!).
While talking to Mr Chesh and Miss Brookie about events for our big birth month in may, we have decided to get back into the blog groove and post each day in April.
What fun things will be posted? Product reviews and adventures by my cat, Mr Chesh, links to fab patterns I find while googling my life away, ramblings about nothing life changing, new pattern releases and sales, and brookie even wants in on the fun and says she will post too...but we all know she will probably sleep and sun tan the month away. on the link over there at the right that says something about "follow by email notifications" because you won't want to miss one post!
One more thing... Have you joined our ravelry group? I have been reading the intros by group members and there are lots of way fun and talented peeps there!