snappy tots: Shipping the beanies

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shipping the beanies

A very nice lady from my post office came and picked up the boxes of beanies. Seeing all of them stacked in my driveway, she wondered if I had an online business. I told her about all of you and this wonderful project. She was truly touched and said she was thankful for good people still left in the world.

The boxes were stacked in our garage waiting for pick up. They took up the size of a small car!

Luckily we had great weather the day they were picked up. One of the few non-snowy days that week.

Part of the boxes loaded in the truck...we made several trips.

...and there they go. Thank you nice post office lady. I hope we get to see pix :)
Thank you VERY much for helping make this project possible. Tracking shows the hats made it to their destination. I included a note with every box and hope to receive a picture showing they made it. I understand it they dont want to show pix of the kids and our contact has said they may wait to pass them out in the fall. Even a picture of them sitting in a room in CT would make me smile.