snappy tots: 2nd Generation Snappy

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2nd Generation Snappy

Over the past two years of writing crochet patterns I have looked for ways to improve my patterns. In the beginning, I kept my patterns condensed. I have never been a fan of lengthy patterns and wanted to keep mine simple. Over time I have added a few things in response to customer request (i.e. page numbers and gauge). My latest patterns include more pictures and a better, easier to follow format too.

One major change in my patterns is the testing process. Up until last fall, all patterns were tested by 3 local ladies. We started realizing they knew my style of crochet too well and were second guessing things that others wouldn't know. We also were missing small details. It was definitely time for a change. Now, I am honored to have a group of 15 outstanding ladies called "Snappy Elves" (because I was always saying I wished a group of elves would visit over night and finish my work) testing my patterns. They are super creative and have a great eye for detail. They spend numerous hours on my behalf and I am very thankful for them.

So, now that the new, second generation patterns are coming out close to perfection, what about the original ones? In January I asked a small group of amazing people to go back through some of my patterns, looking for errors, but mostly working on variations. I LOVE including suggestions of ways to get the most use out of my designs. These wonderful people are helping create a fresh new pattern, updated with more pictures, thorough and error free instructions. These patterns will be sent as an update to all who purchased through Ravelry as they are republished. For those who purchased through my Etsy and Big Cartel shops prior to Ravelry, they will be sent an updated pattern if proof of purchase is provided. Each time a current pattern is updated it will be posted on here, my blog, as well as on my snappy facebook page.

I appreciate your support during my growth.