snappy tots: Beanies for Bravery Breaks Goal

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beanies for Bravery Breaks Goal

WE did it! In September, our goal was to break the 2000 mark.  As of our last shipment, we have sent 2125 beanies to U.S. troops! Without the help of snappy peeps we could not have done this. I receive letters from family members and the soldiers themselves and they are very thankful for giving them a boost during hard times. For many, the hand made hat and letter is the only package they receive during their tour. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping fulfill this dream. We started in July of 2011 with the dream of sending 100 hats to a family friend.

Not only did we send a HUGE amount to soldiers, we came together and sent almost that many to Sandy Hook students and staff.

Our shipping season has come to an end, but I hope you will continue to make hats over the summer (PLEASE follow guidelines). It is an awesome project for family reunions and camp. We ALWAYS can use handwritten letters to the troops too so keep that in mind for those that want to help, but can't make a hat.
Have a super summer and start sending them again in August.
Want information about our project? PLEASE check out the guidelines and follow along on our bfb site.