snappy tots: Coupon clipper, I am not!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Coupon clipper, I am not!

My parents are the best coupon clippers and always have their coupons ready when shopping the major craft stores. If you are like me, you cannot pay full price when you KNOW there is a 40% off coupon out there.
I too am a great coupon clipper...but am a horrible take-the-coupon-rememberer. Thank heavens for phone apps! What? you may say... The three big stores have apps you can add to your phone/tablet. With them you have instant access to coupons without any clipping or remembering. Just download the ap, check for coupons, then show the coupon (via phone app) to the cashier.
Be sure to have your coupon screen ready (I do mine while waiting in those long lines) because people like my impatient dad will later refer to you as "that lady that took hours playing on her phone".
Some of the aps even have a "wallet" feature in case you have more then one coupon to use.