snappy tots: Duck, Duck, DUCKS!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Duck, Duck, DUCKS!

Less then 2 weeks until my birth month begins so PLEASE start rounding up your ducks! What ducks you might ask?
Earlier this year someone shared an adorable picture of rubber ducks dressed in crocheted sweaters, then someone found the pattern.
Sweater Pattern

I thought it would be super fun to have snappy peeps leave decked out ducks in random places throughout the month of May to spread happiness all over. Sandy Hook is currently having a duck project, The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary, that will work GREAT with ours! They need ducks and also enjoy seeing pix of ducks in different places.  

So what are we going to do? CHOOSE one (or more) of these options:

  • Place ducks in random places for people to find. Can you imagine how much that would make someone smile? Do you need to use specific ducks? Nope. Collect them from dollar stores, Walmart, thrift stores, your child's toy box, wherever! Do I HAVE to crochet around them? Nope, but they are cute like that too.
    So you have your ducks already to go, now what? IF YOU WANT, you could write a note on the bottom, draw a smiley face or attach a note to them. I think I am going to attach a note to mine asking the person who finds it to move it to another spot.
    Take a picture of your duck and share on my page with a short description of your duck placing. You might want to share a picture on Sandy Hook's Duck page too.
  • Sandy Hook needs ducks to give out to the kids and also is asking for monetary donations. Oriental Trading will ship ducks to the school for free if you CALL in your order. 
  • Send your decked out ducks to Sandy Hook. They want/need ducks so how about ones with cute little crocheted sweaters!
Here is the address to send ducks to:
Ducks of Sandy Hook
261 S. Main St. Box # 312
Newtown CT. 06470

There are some cute "Sandy Hook ducks" in case you want to get those to spread around (but you dont HAVE to use these ducks)

I will be randomly choosing winners from duck pix posted on my wall throughout the month of May to receive free patterns.