snappy tots: Monday Muffins

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Muffins

While cruising around fb newsfeed and pinterest I see tons of yummy looking creations. Once upon a moon, when my two oldest were growing up, I cooked a lot. We always had homemade meals and goodies. Then, I heard of something a neighbor did once in awhile..."FFY" nights, which meant "Fend For Yourself". MARVELOUS idea, especially as my two teens got older and were coming and going at different times. Between soccer practice, games, pep band, work, etc there were few times when we all sat down together. Soon FFY nights became the norm. Now, as I start over with the kid raising (yes, there is a large gap between kids), I realize my little guy is being groomed for life as a bachelor.
I figure if I look at these yummy creations enough I will be inspired to whip out my fancy schmancy mixer and ingredients (pretty sure walmart sells all those supplies that once filled my cupboards).
It hasn't started inspiring yet, but I AM enjoying the pix. Hopefully you will enjoy these muffins I so carefully copy and pasted for you to start off your week. Click HERE for recipe.
My mom makes wonderful cookies, muffins and bread out of an odd looking veggie, that makes cucumbers feel less then their best. I always overcook quick breads.