snappy tots: MONSTER winners

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MONSTER winners

Thank you to all of our awesome contestants! We had 34 amazing entries and the voting was very close. Everyone that entered will receive a new "Monster Visor Pack" to be released 5/10/13.
Our judges had a hard time choosing only a few winners because ALL entries were amazing! So everyone will also receive a free pattern of their choice!

The following were top winners as voted on by facebook viewers (in addition to the other 2 patterns):
First Place AND a top pick by judges - April White
Second Place ...and makes Heidi giggle - Rebecca Chambers
Third Place and SUCH a snappy entry with those colors - Lacey Berres

The following were chosen by a panel of designers to receive individual awards. Each will receive 3 Snappy patterns of their choice (in addition to the other 2 patterns).
Character Creator Award - Beth Williamson
Grrr....Scary Monster Award - Candice Wharton
Combo Queen - Stacy Dilts
Creative Use of Pattern - Lisa English
Honorable Mention - Anita Mills
Honorable Mention - Brittany Yenser
....and if I were a little monster this is TOTALLY how I would look! So to Rachel Brock, for creating "Heidi's alter ego", 3 free patterns of choice.