snappy tots: Let's Start Shipping Beanies!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let's Start Shipping Beanies!

We will be accepting beanies for soldiers from now until April 15, 2014. Last year we met and exceeded our goal and would like to do that again this year. Beanies are simple and quick to make. The units, commanders and USO contacts have been very appreciative!

Making beanies:
There are specific guidelines. Please follow these because hats that are the wrong colors or sizes cannot be sent and are a waste of your time and shipping expense. Specifications: Beanies must be dark brown or black, 8 ½ – 10 inches deep and 21 – 24 inches in circumference. PLEASE measure and make sure your hat is the right size.
Any pattern, knit or crochet, may be used. After searching and coming across many great crochet patterns, I found one that I really love and not just because of the pattern. It IS a great pattern and the results are consistent. Easy enough for a beginner too. What drew me to the pattern was the fact that it belongs to a mother of 3 sailors, one of whom is currently stationed in Afghanistan. This pattern has been passed down from her grandmother.
Please respect her and the pattern and do not distribute it for profit in part or whole.

BFB Pattern

Please attach a small note of thanks to the soldier to each hat you send. Do NOT include personal addresses or phone numbers on the tags. 

Note: some branches of the military request only 100% wool items, but the units we send to have requested non wool, washable fibers. I continually check to make sure we are providing items our soldiers are able to use.
If you have ANY questions or know of a soldier we could send hats to, please email Heidi.
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