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Friday, September 6, 2013

Snappy App

I got a huge surprise this week! Snappy Tots now has its own app. How awesome, right? The Android version is currently available from Google Play, with the IOS version coming to ITunes next week. It is GREAT to have all links in one place. This means no more missing out on sales, new releases and Heidi's craziness. Each week a different coupon will be added too. It has this funky QR code thingy...which just has the same info as shown on the coupon if you can't read those, no worries.
So, how do you get our app? From your Android Phone or Tablet (...and IOS hopefully by 9/20/13), visit your app store, search for "snappy tots". Download the FREE app and enjoy! Please let us know what you think so we can tweak it as needed.
Want your own app? Here's how my computer friend did mine:
There are LOTS of websites available, but we used Appy Pie. It is VERY quick and easy to use and is highly rated. It has lots of security features...i will spare you all that techy stuff. Just know we did lots of research.
  • It says it is free. Well, yes, but only if you dont plan on actually having people use your app. To upload the app to ITunes and Google Play you have to subscribe to at least the $12 monthly plan.
  • Additional fee: you must pay a developer account fee ($20 for Android, $99 for IOS), either setting up your own or working under Appy Pie's. The price is the same either way.
Have fun! We will be playing around with this and trying new things. We have a couple other things planned along these lines and hope you will enjoy  them.