snappy tots: IOS App

Friday, October 4, 2013


A few weeks ago a Snappy Tots' app was created. It was available for Android almost immediately. Iphone and Ipad users have patiently been waiting for their, not so patient.
After daily emails with my new friend in Dubai....we might exchange Christmas cards...I thought I would share the latest info since so many have been asking about the delay:
Thanks for your email and sharing your concerns with us, Let me assure you that me and my team are endeavoring hard to get your app live on iTunes and the process of getting your app live is a time consuming process where the reviewers ask for feedback request changes before the app goes live, and no other app builder service in the world takes care of this need for their clients. they just give your .ipa file and ask you to handle the review process but we give end to end support, Google approves the app same day, windows take 7 days, apple takes 15 days and can take up to 40 days so we keep on checking the status and provide them inputs where need be and as you can see from the attached screenshot your app status is still “waiting for review” and until it gets reviewed the app cant go live and there is nothing we or anyone can do here.
 If it was some issue with your apps we would have got those resolved the same day but unfortunately this delay is not because of us and even if we want to get your app live ASAP, we can’t do anything as  we have a dependence in apple.
 Let me assure you that until and unless your app goes live, we will continue to follow up with apple.

So, we continue to wait until the Apple Gods give us the golden apple key. Thanks for your patience...and excitement.
For those who have an Android device, please check out my app. It has links to my shop, this site and facebook, plus info about contests, the calendar and sales. 
...and for those who have an IOS device...someday :)