snappy tots: Free Cookies

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Free Cookies

It is hard to believe we are approaching our third Christmas in the world of Snappy Tots. Wow, have things grown and changed since the beginning. Who would have guessed a few bird hats would grow into such a fun thing?! There are currently over 265 patterns, we have sent thousands of beanies to brave soldiers (and kids) throughout the world with the "beanies for bravery" project, plus made lifelong friendships....all with YOUR help!

To thank my awesome Snappy Peeps for the continued support, I have decided to start posting more patterns for free. There will be brand new designs, and a few will be from the original line...updated to be even better. Click "subscribe to snappy tots" for email updates!

This freebie is one of my first crochet patterns, but a favorite. I LOVE cookie! It makes a great basic earflap hat pattern too. Hey, you can even use the cookie pattern for play food, a counting toy or applique. 
Have a cookie pattern! for FREE!
If you haven't tried a snappy pattern lately, I hope you will give one a try! Here are some of the changes:
 ~ I realized "heidi-rochet" is a real thing! I go a little out of the box sometimes (definitely not your granny's crochet). More pix and info show just how easy it can be.
~ I LOVE seeing newbies make my things...and a few extra words and pix helped I started putting lots of variations/pieces in each pattern.

As we have grown, one big change came a little over a year ago (fall, 2012). Up to that point I had a team of 3-5 local ladies testing my patterns. I was working them pretty hard and we were missing things. It was time for a bigger plan. "Snappy Elves", a group of super talented testers, was created. I am the luckiest person ever to have over a dozen awesome people picking my patterns apart and creating some pretty outstanding samples! I now refer to all patterns released over the past year as "generation 2" patterns. Each has more pictures, detail and are pretty close to error, they get my crazy need to include tons of variations!
Thanks again for your support. Go grab a cookie.