snappy tots: One of a kind

Friday, November 1, 2013

One of a kind

(tissue time)
After many years of wondering when another fork in the road would come along so I could make better choices, I somehow merged onto a scenic byway without even realizing. 2 1/2 years ago Snappy Tots was born and with it many lifelong friendships. Over this time we have laughed, shared, grown, cried and become better humans because of our connection.
One special friend of mine has touched my heart many times. She has inspired me to design, but also is someone I really look up to. She welcomes many of us into her family and part of life through amazing pictures.
Recently she did one of her extraordinary things and I asked her if I could share with you. As many of you know, our oldest son recently left for Hogwarts (others may think he is playing in a giant sandbox, but we know he really is practicing quidditch). My friend, Darlene Tasso, being one of my testers, was helping with the new "Chunky Punky" pattern. Knowing this was a hard time for me, she turned hers into a camo spider, complete with combat boots (all 8 of them!) and even added a spider (dog) tab. It definitely made me giggle. When asked why, here is what she said:
"So many parents are seeing their kids off to dangerous places these days. Most of us have someone close who's been or is now serving in the military. My favorite crochet designer recently saw her oldest son deployed. It's been an anxious time for Heidi Yates, to say the least. Added to stress of her son's leaving, she was also in the middle of finishing and releasing some new patterns for Halloween. One was an awesome Spider which I fell in love with. Looking through my yarn stash, I found some furry camo yarn that I've had for awhile. Then the light bulb moment -- I wanted to make an Army man spider! As it came together, the camo fur was perfect. The boots were written as "shoes" in the pattern, so I improvised a little and made them high-tops to look like boots. It was Halloween, and this is a Snappy pattern, so I pulled the perfect shade of orange yarn from my stash. Eight boots later, complete with military laces, a few more extra touches, and the Army man was coming together! I even had a pair of bright blue eyes! I told Heidi I would name him "Nic" after her son. Every Army guy needs a dog tag, and leave it to Heidi to provide that as well! I borrowed the tiny spider from her Caper pattern, stitched "NIC" on it and there was the spider tag! I had the perfect "heart" button for the finishing touch. The finished spider was a perfect symbol of courage and love! I entered the final picture in Snappy Tots Halloween contest and now you know the rest of the story! I hope Nic knows how many fans his talented Mom has made. I'm pretty sure he knows that her courage is a close second to his own (brave sons join the Army, brave moms await their return home). Many, many of us are right there with her, Nic! Be safe, know you are loved, and call your Mom when you can!"
Thanks Darlene. Like I've told  her, it has taken many tries to get through her letter. I am honored to call her friend.
Thank you to her and everyone else who is thankful for our soldiers. MANY snappy friends are part of military families, several having served themselves. Thank you for your sacrifice.