snappy tots: Winners!

Monday, November 4, 2013


Winners of the Halloween contest were chosen by a special group of judges. This time I chose a group of people very familiar with my patterns and who also enjoy Halloween. Our panel have all worn hats made from my patterns and may be familiar to some of you. All of their answers were great!

After putting all of the votes together, the entries with the most votes were chosen to each win three patterns of their choice (listed below in no particular order). Some of the judges' comments have been included for everyone to enjoy.
Winner: Amy Davis

Winner: Ashley Berard

Winner: JoAnne Thompson

Winner: Anna Staggs
Winner: Darlene Tasso

Winner: Helen Deines

Winner: Karrie Healy

Winner: Alix Morse

More winners...
Everyone who submitted a contest entry and treat bag, but is not listed above, may choose a pattern of their choice as a thank you.

The following people win 1 free pattern of choice -
Randomly chosen from posts on the Halloween contest: Georgia Hatheway Beckman, Sandi Hudson, Autumn Elam

Randomly chosen from "likes" on the Halloween contest: Amy Davis, Alecia Rivers Goodman, Jenna Ross Johnston