snappy tots: Day 13: Countdown CAL

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 13: Countdown CAL

 For information about our Countdown to Christmas Advent Cal, please read "Day 1"

Candy Canes
I plan on making lots of these to hang all over my big tree too!

choose from one of these patterns:  
Click here for PATTERN. I LOVE these and think they would make their own wonderful countdown! If you have more then one child using the advent calender, do one for each of them and plan ahead so they will each end up with one of these. For those that prefer worsted weight yarn, try making these to fit full size candy canes.

Click here for PATTERN. Thanks again to "Whiskers & Wool" for such cute projects. This is almost 5" long...but narrow so might be fine depending on your calendar base.
Click here for PATTERN.

More fun candy cane projects:
Too big for our project, but still a super cute candycane in case you need a bigger one for something.
Brookie found this adorable candy cane collar pattern from Posh Pooch and thinks she needs one!
An awesome dishcloth...which would be a beautiful start to a hat too!

Some pretty amazing snappy peeps have been finding wonderful free patterns and adding them to our "Crochet Ornaments" board. Check them out!

Plus, some GREAT ideas for creating your Advent Calendars. Do you have an idea you would like to share? Awesome! Please email post it below.