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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snowball Fight!

In the past I have shared Christmas ornament patterns. This year, mostly because I went crazy and decided to crochet a gazillion pairs of slippers and a secret family surprise, I opted out of the ornament search. For those who have missed it, check out the countdown CAL from last yearn and our Crochet Ornaments Pinterest board (huge thanks to the wonderful peeps who add to the board).
I have been seeing some super cute snowmen-ish things out there and can't resist sharing. A few months ago, Donna from "You Drive Me Crafty" volunteered to make ornaments for my annual countdown. They turned out so dang cute! She has published the pattern and it is free!
These remind me of something I saw in a Hallmark flyer last year. Her's are so much cuter, with tons of personality. Whether you create your own "indoor snowball fight" or make fun new ornaments for the tree, I know everyone will enjoy these squishy soft balls of fluff.

Speaking of Donna, she also has an amazing food blog I LOVE to follow. "My Favorite Recipes" is full of food you actually would want to make AND eat. Not just those foo foo things that only June Cleaver made.
My husband has been on a kick lately that he thinks "we" should have a tradition of making fudge at Christmas. Well, several years ago I used to cook, but then became a single mom and "ffy" (fend for yourself) became the most popular recipe in our house. I am gradually working back into the cooking stage and so turned to Donna for a tried and true. She sent me a link to an interestingly odd concoction that did not seem fudge-y. Guess what?? It worked! I made fudge today. Of course it was while everyone was asleep. 2 reasons: 1. if it was a massive failure I could destroy the evidence and 2. if it really did turn out I wouldn't have to let on that it was derived from 2 ingredients!
Look how cute and yummy it is! Totally looks and tastes like fudge! Thanks Donna for making my family think I slaved away on their behalf with "2 minute fudge".

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