snappy tots: What's Up?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What's Up?

First, I have to say, I receive the BEST emails! People are always super supportive and share wonderful ideas with me. I love that.
Over the past year I have had moments of soul searching, in my personal life, as well as with my business. We are always trying to make patterns and service better, plus add my snappy touch. Occasionally I have a "brilliant idea" and sometimes it truly is that, and sometimes it doesn't work out as planned. Some examples of that are the apps (LOVE these!) and the online calender (dud). The calendar went online during the great minion caper on my fb page and was one of the many things deleted in hopes of ridding the crazy posts.
With 2014 almost here, I plan on changing my focus a little. My greatest joy is sharing what I do with others. A few weeks ago I started posting more free patterns. I will continue to do this more and more.
BFB will continue sending to our soldiers, as well as other truly brave humans. EVERYONE needs a boost now and then. Many snappy peeps donate to very worthwhile causes and I plan to work with some of these organizations to get the word out.  
Since it's creation, Snappy Tots has tried to bring a smile to others. I hope to continue to do this.
I get asked quite often if I will be doing more with my blog. I have tried on and off to be a crochet blog, but sheesh there are lots of those. Some are done very well and you can tell it truly is their passion. Tobie (my computer guru) has encouraged me to go my own way. Yep, the twisted snappy path of blogging I guess. Dont expect 100% crochet or some super cookery magic. I hope you will enjoy my adventure and we'll end up on our own snappy path.
So, with less than 2 weeks til Christmas, I will quit rambling and charge forward.
Thank you!!! For absolutely everything you do.